“part of the process..”

There is a compelling urge.. mostly, when something is resonating inside of me….. it’s the COLOURS!! And then, there is an irresistible need and challenge to find them on the palette; to unearth them out from the depths of my spirit and in to the light..the process of creativity has begun.

The paints are mixed, I see the juicy colours bursting forth and I apply them to the canvas.. and they start to sing. It’s like pulsating energies, unlimited possibilities of textures, shapes and harmonies of vibrant colours that want to live.. I let them speak and they lead me in the process of painting.

I never know at that moment what expression this energy will manifest on to the canvas.. the final painting. I know I am the source and I am the tool..i am changing and painting is changing me.

I am happy to see, to give birth to the energy of colours which seek form to softly connect our world, our senses.