I only discovered in the last two years that I can paint some really good pictures. It is a most enjoyable hobby and I never would have found it were it not for our very talented professional teacher Rachael Thomas. Rachael is a true artist and super teacher.

Sheila Magee

If anyone had told me I could learn to paint, I never would have believed them, but a friend persuaded me to join Rachael Thomas' painting class in Ardee and a whole new life opened up for me. Her wonderful talent, both as an artist and teacher is second to none and has opened a whole new world to someone who never even held a paintbrush!

Meibh ni Loinsig

I am now 3 years attending Rachael’s art class. It has given me the opportunity to express my love of art in the most relaxing atmosphere. Rachael’s help and guidance has given me great encouragement to continue to do a variety of paintings.

Liz Cunningham

I had went to a few classes in Drogheda a few years earlier when I heard about Rachael’s class in Stabannon. I have to say Rachael has opened a whole new world for me. When I started I would just copy from other pictures I would see.,but the change came for me when I commented on someones painting not being the same colour as what they was painting from."It doesn't have to be the same" Rachael told me and from that comment I went on to develop my own technique with encouragement from Rachael and advice. Thanks Rachael for a whole new world.

Kathleen King

Rachael thank you so much for being there every Tuesday and for your patience and kindness and help in trying to teach me to paint a picture. I love being in our class. You deserve a gold medal! I’m looking forward to classes in September.

Irene Farrell

I have been a member of Rachael's Painting classes for over 6 years and I wouldn't consider going elsewhere. Rachael is an excellent tutor, with a keen eye for detail, huge talent and boundless patience! She has helped me to develop my artisitic ability(that shade is not brown or black but indeed blue!!). She is always open for discussions about new concepts for paintings I approach her with. Rachael has been hugely encouraging even when I felt like giving up on certain pieces. I would highly recommend her.

Denise Mc Guinness

Rachael is truly a gifted artist and I love the fact that she is so happy to share her wonderful talent with all who are lucky enough to be in her class. Since joining 3yrs ago, my life has changed for the better. I love that while I’m painting, I’m so engaged in what I’m doing, that the 2hr class seems to fly..and I’m not caught up in the craziness of the ‘everyday’.

Rachael is not just an amazing teacher, she has the great ability to make everything flow naturally and with great ease in her class. I am so grateful to be a part of her class.. thanks Rachael!

Bernie Gartlan

Around 2006 I noticed an ad in the local Parish Bulletin for Art Classes in the local Adult Education Centre and I decided to ‘give it a go’. I had seen similar ads previously but didn’t have the courage to actually enroll. I had not done art since leaving school in 1982 and my confidence in my ability at that time was very low, but deep down I had always wanted to try it again. I honestly thought I would not be good enough. It was the best thing I did for myself as an adult. I spend two hours a week at class and it has given me great confidence in my ability, which is something I never had.

Rachael has a wonderful talent and substantial knowledge of art and enjoys sharing this with her students. She teaches with her heart and mind. She does not control, but rather inspires and guides us to develop our own style and makes each one of us feel we can produce wonderful paintings. Fortunate are the students who find themselves under her guidance. Rachael considers herself as "just doing her job" and seems oblivious to the impact her tutoring has on her students.

Ann Mooney

Rachael’s painting classes are truly relaxing and enjoyable. At every class she spends time with each individual and we are encouraged and inspired by her excellent tuition. Beginners and the more advanced are all made very welcome.

Ann McMahon

I have enjoyed attending your painting class over the past year because it allows me the freedom to paint what I like and with your guidance the ability to achieve more brilliant colour using your mixing techniques. I love being part of the group and meeting up each wednesday, it motivates me to keep going with a painting. I also enjoy seeing other peoples work in progress and of course all the finished pieces at the exhibition in June.

Ann-marie Everard

A big thank you for the wonderful classes. I find them so inspiring, relaxing and enjoyable. I so love how you have helped me to expand and explore my creative ability. You are a brilliant teacher and so good at what you do. I very much look forward to resuming in September.

Ann Brennan

I have been attending Rachael's classes for the past 12 years. Her work is inspirational and refreshing, both as an artist and teacher. She has been a great source of encouragement to me in exploring my own painting. I recommend her classes to anyone who seeks to explore the world of art.

Angela Bellew